A professor in bioengineering had worked many years perfecting a process of reproducing human embryo from the cells of single human.

Against all odds, he succeeded not only in the reproduction, but also in an accelerated growth process.

He used his own cells for much of his experimentation, and his most successful experiment was a man identical to him in appearance and age, with almost identical mental and behavioral characteristics.

A major press conference and reception was planned by his university to introduce the man and his creation to the world.

As the date of the reception drew near, the professor became aware of a disconcerting tendency in his creature to rude remarks, crude behavior, and pornographic suggestions.

The professor hoped that perhaps the reception might pass without incident, but the episodes of bad behavior were accelerating at an alarming rate.

Finally, at the reception, which was held in the penthouse of the president of the university, the professor watched in horror as his creature exposed himself to the hostess.

Realizing that his own reputation as well as the college were about to disintegrate, he motioned his creature over to the window to speak with him.

With a subtle but powerful move, he shoved his creature through the window and watched him fall to his death many stories below.

He was observed however, and was consequently arrested.

The charges? Making an obscene clone fall.

Sent by K.S.

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