The Monkey and the Hare

There was a long dry spell and there was little food left in the forest.

Near to fainting with hunger, the cunning Hare said to the Monkey : “Monkey, let us amuse ourselves – why don’t we pretend to stew each other in the clay pot to pass the time?”

Foolish Monkey jumped to the idea.

“Oh Hare, you are very wise – if we stew each other, we won’t be hungry anymore. I will get the firewood”.

Soon the fire and pot were prepared and it was time to start the stewing.

Hare jumped in first and Monkey stirred his make-believe stew.

When the heat became unbearable, Hare cried “muzukuru muzukuru ndostva!” (I’m burning!).

Immediately, Monkey helped Hare out of the pot.

Now it was Monkey’s turn – he jumped in and after some time, things got hot. Monkey cried, “Sekuru, sekuru ndostva!” (I am burning!)

Hare replied, “Tsviramo” (burn).

Monkey continued to plead with Hare to let him out, but the reply was the same. Eventually, Monkey was stewed. What a meal Hare had!!

The moral of the story is: “Don’t accept every idea you hear.”

Sent by Wadzi

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