Mini Christmas Card Box

Put your old Christmas cards to use!
Recycle them to make mini Christmas card boxes.

Procedure :
Find an old Christmas card.
Separate the card at the fold.
Mark an X on the card, by drawing a line diagonally from one corner to the next one.
Fold the edges of all four sides to the middle of the X.
Cut along the lines.
Fold all tabs to create a box.
Tape folds.
Create the inside of the box by using the same procedure only fold the edges beyond the center of the X.
Add tissue paper to the bottom of the box.
Use the mini boxes to make a fundraiser for your school or organization.

A fundraiser idea :
Students create as many mini boxes as possible.
Students donate small unwanted items that will fit into the mini box. (toys, collectables, jewellery, etc)
Identify the contents of box.
Example – For a boy, for a girl, for a boy and girl
4 to 7 years old
8 to 10 years old
Sell each box for 25 cents or more.
Spread joy and happiness and earn a little money for your school.

Watch my video to learn.

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