Wisdom Tooth

A guy goes to a female dentist to have a tooth extracted. She pulled out a large syringe to give an anesthetic shot.
“No way, no needles! I hate needles!”, the man exclaimed.
So she started to hook up the nitrogenous oxide tank, and the man said, “I can’t do the gas thing. Just the thought of having a mask on my face suffocates me!
The dentist then asked the patient if he had any objections to taking a pill.
“No,” he says, “I’m fine with pills.”
So the dentist gave him two little blue pills and he swallowed them.
“What are those?” He asked.
“Viagra,” she replied.
“I’ll be darned,” said the patient,
“I didn’t know Viagra worked as a pain killer.”
“It doesn’t,” said the dentist,
“But it will give you something to hold on to when I pull your tooth.”

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