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Why is this a bad idea?

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Dog Loves Fish

Love at first sight. Challenge: Establish eye contact. Make the dog look at the fish by moving two toothpicks and the eye. Make the fish look at the dog by moving three toothpciks and the eye.

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Are You Homophonebic?

Help for the homophonebic student is here. An innovative teacher tool which facilitates learning of homophones. Utilizing manipulation, student questioning and active participation, this learning activity will motivate students’ learning in an atmosphere of creativity and excitement.

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Pig Pens

Thirteen poles enclose six pig pens all of the same size. Question : Can you use 12 poles to enclose six pens all of equal size? Click on picture to see answer

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Lucky Number

Magic for you With your back turned, ask a friend to pick a number between 1 and 60. Ask your friend to write this number down on a piece of paper. Tell your friend to flip over the piece of … Continue reading

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Tire Tracks

When the investigators arrived upon the crime scene, they discovered a murder victim. The police noticed tire tracks leading to the victim’s body. The police followed the tire tracks to a nearby house. They find two men and one woman … Continue reading

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To get into the World Cup spirit, I wrote four checks to purchase four vuvuzelas. They are different colored vuvuzelas : yellow, blue, red and black. Each check is for a different amount : $2, $3, $4 and $6. Each … Continue reading

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